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Gem Stone Auction

Auction Date: Friday, July 2, 2010, 10am

Preview: Thursday, July 1, 2010, 10am-6pm

Auction Items



Personal collection of Gemstones and Tooling Equipment  

1,000s of Gemstones to choose from


1          Sapphire nealan ratna, inky blue; rd.; 10mm; 4.5ctw

4          Lemon Quartz; sq.; 8x8mm; 1.75ctw

5          Smoky Quartz;sq.; 8x8mm; 1.75ctw

6          Lemon Quartz; rd.; 8-9mm; 2.60ctw

8          Lemon Quartz; rd; 9mm; 3.10ctw

10        Lemon Quartz; tear; 12x8mm; 2.90ctw

12        Lemon Quartz; tear; 12x8mm; 2.90ctw

14        Smoky Quartz; oval; 12x10mm; 3.45ctw

17        Peridot; rd.; 7mm; 1.30ctw

18        Yellow Labradorite; oval; 11x9mm; 3.00ctw

19        Madera Citrine; rd.; 8mm; 2.35ctw

20        Drusy Quartz; rd.; 9mm

21        Amethyst; sq.; 13mm; 8.00ctw

23        Peridot; rd.; 8mm; 1.90ctw

24        Peridot; sq.; 7mm; 1.45ctw

25        Peridot; oval; 7mm; 1.65ctw

26        Peridot;trillion; 8mm; 1.90ctw                                      

27        African Amethyst; oval; 9x7mm; 1.75ctw                                            

28        African Amethyst; oval; 9x7mm; 1.85ctw                                            

29        African Amethyst; oval; 9x7mm; 1.95ctw                                            

30        Citrine Emerald; 9x7mm; 1.5ctw                                              

31        Citrine; tear; 12x8mm; 2.60ctw                                               

32        Citrine; oval; 11x9mm; 2.75tw                                     

33        Citrine; rd.; 10mm; 3.25ctw                                         

34        Citrine Emerald; 9x7mm; 1.55ctw                                            

35        Smoky Quartz Emerald; 16x12mm; 10.70ctw                                      

38        Lemon Quartz; sq.; 13mm; 8.25ctw                                         

39        Lemon Quartz; trillion; 15mm; 8.15ctw                                               

40        Lemon Quartz; trillion; 15mm; 7.75ctw                                               

42        Tanzanite; rd.; 7mm; 1.60ctw ; blueberry blue, specialty cut

43        Tanzanite; rd.; 7mm; 1.60ctw;   blueberry blue, Portuguese cut

44        Citrine; oval; 9x6mm; 1.20ctw                                     

45        Citrine; rd.; 9mm; 2.65ctw

46        Citrine; rd.; 8mm; 1.60ctw

47        Citrine; rd.; 7mm; 1.25ctw

48        Citrine Emerald; 8x6mm

49        Citrine; oval; 7x5mm; 1.35ctw

50        Citrine; trillion; 9mm; 2.45ctw

51        Citrine; rd.; 7mm; 1.35ctw

52        Citrine; rd.; 7mm; 1.25ctw

53        Citrine; sq.; 1.70ctw

54        Citrine; rd.; 5.20ctw

55        Citrine; oval; 9x7mm; 2.35ctw

56        Citrine; oval; 9x7mm; 1.90ctw

57        Citrine; 9x7mm; 1.30ctw

58        Ruby ff; rd.; 2.10ctw

59        Ruby ff; oval; 7x5mm; 1.25ctw

60        Ruby ff; oval; 7x5mm; 1.10ctw

61        Ruby ff; oval; 9x7mm; 1.75ctw

62        Ruby ff; oval; 9x7mm; 1.95ctw

63        Ruby ff; oval; 10x8mm; 4.45ctw

64        Ruby ff; oval; 7.5mm; 1.40ctw

65        Ruby ff; rd.; 6mm; 1.55ctw

66        Ruby ff; rd.; 6mm; 1.20ctw

67        Ruby ff; oval; 9x7mm; 3.10ctw

68        Ruby ff; rd., 5mm; .75ctw

69        Ruby ff; 7mm; 2.15ctw

70        Ruby ff; oval; 7x5mm; 1.75ctw

71        Ruby ff; oval; 8x6mm; 2.05ctw

72        Ruby ff; oval; 8x6mm; 1.35ctw

73        Ruby ff; tear; 9mm; 2.15ctw

74        Ruby ff; oval; 7x5mm; 1.15ctw

75        Ruby ff; oval; 7x5mm; 1ctw

76        Ruby ff; oval; 7x5mm; 1.45ctw

77        Ruby ff; rd., 5mm; 1.15ctw

78        Ruby ff; tear; 10x8mm; 2.50ctw

79        Ruby ff; oval; 7x5m; 1.15ctw

80        Ruby ff; .85ctw

81        Ruby ff; oval; 7x5mm; 1.15ctw

82        Ruby ff; oval; 8x6mm; 1.95ctw

83        Ruby ff; oval; 8x6mm; 2.30ctw

84        Ruby ff; oval; 7x5mm; 1.05ctw

85        Ruby ff; rd.; 5mm; 1.05ctw

86        Ruby ff; 5mm; .65ctw

87        Ruby ff; rd.; 6mm; 1.30ctw

88        Ruby ff; oval; 7x5mm; 1.20ctw

89        Ruby ff; oval; 7x5mm; 1.45ctw

90        Ruby ff; rd.; 5mm; .90ctw

91        Ruby ff; oval; 7x5mm; 1.20ctw

92        Ruby ff; rd.; 5mm; 1.10ctw

93        Ruby ff; oval; 7x5mm; 1.25ctw

94        Ruby ff; oval; 7x5mm; 1ctw

95        Ruby ff; oval; 7x5mm; 1.30ctw

96        Ruby ff; rd.; 5mm; .75ctw

97        Ruby ff; oval; 5x4mm; .40ctw

98        Boulder Opal; ff; 5.65ctw

99        Boulder Opal; ff; 14.30ctw

100      Boulder Opal ff; 1.85ctw

101      Boulder Opal ff; 7.40ctw

102      Boulder Opal ff; 12.80ctw

103      Boulder Opal ff; 13.55ctw

104      Boulder Opal ff; 17.00ctw

105      Boulder Opal ff; 5.05ctw

106      Boulder Opal; 13.70ctw

107      Boulder Opal ff; 13.85ctw

108      Boulder Opal ff; 3.85ctw

109      Boulder Opal ff; 4.50ctw

110      Boulder Opal ff; 12.05ctw

111      Boulder Opal; 12.35ctw

112      Boulder Opal; 9.55ctw

113      Boulder Opal; 4.80ctw

114      Boulder Opal; 12.10ctw

115      Boulder Opal; 7.50ctw

116      Boulder Opal; 5.05ctw

117      Boulder Opal; 16.50ctw

118      Boulder Opal; 15.80ctw

119      Boulder Opal; 1.90ctw

120      Boulder Opal; 1.20ctw

121      Boulder Opal; 4.80ctw

122      Yellow Labradorite; 8.30ctw

123      Yellow Labradorite; 12.60ctw

124      Yellow Labradorite; heart; 8.30ctw

127      Rose Quartz; 16x12mm; 8.7ctw

128      Prasolite; rd.; 9mm; 2.45ctw

129      Prasolite; oval; 11x9mm; 3.75ctw

130      Prasolite; rd.; 9mm; 2.35ctw

132      Moldavite; oval; 12x10mm; 3.5ctw

134      Umbalite Garnet; oval; 10x8mm; 2.90ctw

135      Ruby ff; oval; 9x8mm; 3.75ctw

136      Ruby ff; tear; 9x7-8mm; 2.45ctw

137      Lapus; oval; 20x15mm; 18.75ctw

138      Epidote; rd.; 12mm; rare stone

139      Umbalite Garnet

140      Lemon Quartz; rd; 11mm; 4.95ctw

141      Lemon Quartz; 12mm; 6.20ctw

142      Black Spinel; sq.; 10mm; 6.20ctw

143      Black Spinel; rd.; 9mm; 3.40ctw

147      Col. Emerald; sq.; 5x4mm; .60ctw

148      Col. Emerald; tear; 6x4mm; .60ctw

149      Col. Emerald; .65ctw

150      Col. Emerald; oval; 6x5mm; .60ctw

151      Col. Emerald; 6x4mm; .55ctw

152      Chrome Disposide; rd.; 5mm; .70ctw

153      Chrome Disposide; rd.; 5mm; .60ctw

154      Chrome Disposide; rd.; 5mm; .60ctw

155      Chrome Diposide; rd; 5mm; .50ctw

156      Peridot; rd.; 6mm; 1.05ctw

157      Peridot; oval; 8x6mm; 1.05ctw

158      Peridot; rd.; 6mm; .85ctw

159      Peridot; oval; 8x6mm; 1.20ctw

160      Andersine Labradorite; oval; 9x7mm; 1.75ctw

162      Andersine Labradorite; oval; 10x8mm; 2.00ctw

163      Red Zircon; rd.; 5mm; .65ctw

164      Red Zircon; rd.; 5mm; .70ctw

166      Red Garnet Emerald; 9x6mm 2.45ctw

167      Andersine Labradorite Emerald; 9x7mm; 2 ctw

168      Red Andersine Labradorite Emerald; 9x7mm; 2.10ctw

169      Red Andersine Labradorite Emerald; 8x6mm; 1.30ctw

170      Red Andersine Labradorite Emerald; 12x8mm; 3ctw

171      Drusy Quartz Peacock Blue; rd.; 12mm

172      Drusy Quartz Peacock Blue; rd.; 12mm

173      Drusy Quartz Peacock Blue; rd.; 12mm

174      Drusy Quartz color shift; rd.; 12mm

175      Drusy Quartz color shift; rd., 12m

176      Smoky Quartz Emerald; 14x10mm; 5.75ctw

177      Yellow Labradorite; rd., 15mm; 10.05ctw

178      Citrine Madera; tear; 15x10mm; 4.85ctw

179      Citrine Madera; oval; 12x10mm; 3.85ctw

180      Citrine Madera; oval; 10x8mm; 2.50ctw

181      Citrine Madera; oval; 9x7mm; 1.70ctw

182      Citrine Madera; oval; 10x8mm; 2.45ctw

183      Citrine Madera; oval; 10x8mm; 2.50ctw

184      Aquamarine Trillian; 9mm; 2ctw

185      Tourmalinated Quartz Emerald; 11x9mm; 4.75ctw

186      Tourmalinated Quartz Emerald; 11x9mm; 4.35ctw

187      Tourmalinated Quartz; oval; 11x9mm; 2.80ctw

188      Tourmalinated Quartz; oval; 10x8mm; 2.85ctw

189      African Amethyst; rd.; 10mm; 2.95ctw

190      Amethyst;oval; 10x8mm; 2.25ctw

192      African Amethyst; oval; 2.25ctw

193      African Amethyst; oval; 9x7mm; 2ctw

194      Amethyst; rd.; 10mm; 3.70ctw

195      Yellow Labradorite; oval; 16x12mm; 8.80ctw

196      Yellow Labradorite; rd.; 10mm; 3.40ctw

197      Smoky Quartz Emerald; 15x12mm; 10ctw

198      Smoky Quartz Emerald; 14x12mm; 8.4ctw

199      Smoky Quartz; Oval; 18x13mm; 11.10ctw

200      Smoky Quartz; rd.; 10mm; 3.95ctw

201      Smoky Quartz; tear; 11x8mm; 2.30ctw

202      Smoky Quartz; sq.; 12x12mm; 7.10ctw

203      Smoky Quartz; oval; 12x16mm; 8.80ctw

204      Smoky Quartz; oval; 16x12mm; 10.65ctw

205      Smoky Quartz; oval; 12x10mm; 4.70ctw

206      Lemon Quartz; oval; 18x12mm; 12.65ctw

207      Lemon Quartz; rd.; 15mm; 10.95ctw

208      Lemon Quartz; rect.; 14x10mm; 6.55ctw

209      Lemon Quartz; oval; 14x10mm; 6ctw

210      Lemon Quartz; tear; 12x12mm; 6.20ctw

211      Lemon Quartz; oval; 14x10mm; 5.10ctw

212      Lemon Quartz; rd., 10mm; 5.65ctw

213      Lemon Quartz ff; 18x16mm; 8.20ctw

214      Lemon Quartz; rd.; 16mm; 12.45ctw

215      Lemon Quartz; tear; 15x12mm; 8.95ctw

216      Rutilated Quartz; oval; 18x13mm; 12.50ctw

217      Tourmalinated Quartz; 14x10mm; 4.80ctw

218      Tourmalinated Quartz; 14x10mm; 5.90ctw

219      Tourmalinated Quartz; rd.; 10mm; 5.70ctw

220      Tourmalinated quartz; 14x10mm; 5.95ctw

221      Tsavorite Garnet; oval;6x4mm; .50ctw

223      Tanzanite; rd; 3.5mm; .20ctw

224      Tanzanite; rd., 5mm; .65ctw

225      Tanzanite; rd.; 5mm; .40ctw

226      Tanzanite; rd.; 5mm; .55ctw

227      Tanzanite; rd.; 6mm; 1ctw

228      Tanzanite; oval; 7x5mm; .90ctw

229      Tanzanite; rd.; 5mm; .55ctw

230      Champagne Diamond; rd.; 4.5mm; .40ctw

231      Tanzanite; oval; 7x5mm; .90ctw

232      Tanzanite; rd.; 5mm; .45ctw

233      Tanzanite; rd.; 5mm; .70ctw

234      Tanzanite; oval; 7x5mm; .50ctw

235      African Amethyst; oval; 10x8mm; 2.50ctw

236      African Amethyst; oval; 9x7mm; 1.65ctw

237      African Amethyst; rd.; 5mm; .65ctw

238      African Amethyst; rd.; 7mm; 1.25ctw

239      African Amethyst; oval; 11x9mm; 3.65ctw

240      African Amethyst Emerald; 9x7mm; 1.80ctw

241      Amethyst Heart; 6mm; 1.90ctw

242      African Amethyst Emerald; 9x7mm; 1.80ctw

243      African Amethyst Emerald; 7x5mm; 1.05ctw

244      Amatrine Emerald; 10x8mm; 2.60ctw

245      Amatrine Emerald; 7x5mm; 1.10ctw

246      Amatrine Emerald; 1.75ctw

247      Amatrine Emerald; 8x6mm; 1.75ctw

248      Amatrine Emerald; 8x6mm; 1.75ctw

249      Amatrine Emerald; .85ctw

250      African Amethyst Emerald; 8x6mm; 1.80ctw

251      African Amethyst trillion; 7mm; .95ctw

252      Amethyst Marquie; 12x6mm; 1.75ctw

253      African Amethyst Emerald; 8x6mm; 1.65ctw

254      Amethyst; tear; 12x8mm; 2.25ctw

255      Amethyst; oval; 10x8mm; 2.25ctw

256      African Amethyst Emerald; 8x6mm; 1.55ctw

257      Amethyst; heart; 7mm; 1ctw

258      Amethyst Emerald; 8x6mm; 1.10ctw?

259      Andersine Labradorite Emerald; 2.25ctw

260      Red Andersine Labradorite; 9x7mm;1.85ctw

261      Red Andersine Labradorite; 8x6mm; 1.20ctw

262      Red Andersine Labradorite; rect.; 12x8mm; 2.95ctw

263      Red Andersine Labradorite Emerald; 8x6mm; 1.30ctw

264      Andersine Labradorite; 2.10ctw

265      Red Andersine Labradorite Emerald; 9x7mm; 2ctw

266      Andersine Labradorite Emerald; 9x7mm; 1.90ctw

267      Andersine Labradorite; oval; 8x6mm; 1.75ctw

268      Red Zircon; rd.; 5mm; .60ctw

269      Red Zircon; rd.; 5mm; .65ctw

270      Lemon Quartz; rd.; 12mm; 5.20ctw

272      Smoky Quartz; sq.; 10x10mm; 4.25ctw

274      Smoky Quartz; oval; 14x10mm; 5.50ctw

280      Citrine; oval; 10x8mm; 2.50ctw

281      Smoky Quartz; tear; 12x12mm; 5.60ctw

285      Smoky Quartz; oval; 12x8mm; 3.10ctw

290      Lemon Quartz; sq.; 8x8mm; 3.50ctw

291      Lemon Quartz; oval; 4.65ctw

292      Smoky Quartz; Rect.; 14x10mm; 5.80ctw

295      Amethyst; oval; 9x7mm; 1.50ctw

296      Aquamarine Trillion; 9x9mm; 2ctw

300      Dendritic Quartz; rd.; 16mm; buff cut; 12.75ctw

302      Brizlin Quartz Emerald; 17x13mm; 10.40ctw

303      Demantold Garnet; 3.5-4mm; .35ctw

304      Demantold Garnet; 3.5-4mm; .25ctw

367      Yellow Labradorite; fancy cut; 10mm; 3.55ctw

373      Amber Emerald; 9x7mm

375      Smoky Quartz; oval; 10x8mm; 2.70ctw

383      SB Topaz; heart; 7mm; 1.60ctw

384      Yellow Labradorite; 10mm; 3.40ctw

385      Peridot; rd.; 8mm; 2.15ctw

386      Mozambique Garnet; rd.; 10mm; 4.85ctw

387      Almandine Garnet; oval; 10x8mm; 3.40ctw

401      Yellow Labradorite trillion; 11mm; 4.10ctw

402      Yellow Labradorite; rd.; 14mm; 8.5ctw

403      Yellow Labradorite trillion; 11mm; 3.70ctw

404      Mozambique Garnet; rd.; 10mm; 4.60ctw

405      Almandine Garnet; rd.; 7mm; 1.35ctw

406      Almandine Garnet; oval; 10x8mm; 2.85ctw

409      Bluq Zircon; oval; 6x4mm; 1.65ctw

418      Prasiolite Emerald; rec.; 12x9mm; 4.30ctw

419      Prasiolite; oval; 14x10mm; 5.55ctw

421      Prasiolite; rd.; 12mm; 5.55ctw

423      Tourmalated Quartz Emerald; 12x10mm; 3.95ctw

424      Tourmalated Quartz Emerald; 10x8mm; 3.30ctw

425      Smoky Quartz Emerald; 12x10mm; 5.60ctw

426      Smoky Quartz; rd.; 12mm; 4.50ctw

428      Sunstone; oval; 10x8mm; 2.05ctw

429      Mexican Opal; oval; 9x7mm; 1.85ctw

430      Tourmalated Quartz Emerald; 9x7mm; 2.30ctw

432      S6 Topaz trillion; 9mm; 2.55ctw

433      S6 Topaz; rd.; 10mm; 4.85ctw

434      S6 Topaz; tear; 12x8mm; 4ctw

436      S6 Topaz; oval; 10x8mm; 3.35ctw

442      Amber; tear; 10x7mm; 1.85ctw

443      Amber; oval; 10x8mm; 2.25ctw

444      Amber; rd.; 9mm; 1.90ctw

447      Aquamarine set of two; rd.; 5mm; .80ctw

448      Aquamarine set of two; trillion; 6mm; 1.10ctw

450      Aquamarine set of two; emerald; 7x3mm; 2ctw

451      Color Change Sapphire; rd.; 1.5-2mm

460      Tanzanite; rd.; 6mm; .65ctw

474      Tanzanite; oval; 8x6mm; 1.15ctw

482      Austrilan fire black Opal; triplet oval; 7x5mm

483      Austrilan fire Opal; triplet oval; 10x8mm

484      Austrilan fire Opal; triplet oval; 10x8mm

485      Austrilan fire Opal; triplet oval; 10x8mm

487      Austrilan fire Opal; triplet oval; 9x7mm

488      Austrilan fire Opal; triplet oval; 10x8mm

489      Austrilan fire black Opal; triplet oval; 9x7mm

490      Austrilan fire Opal; triplet oval; 9x7mm

491      Austrilan fire Opal; triplet oval; 7x5mm

492      Austrilan fire Opal; triplet oval; 7x5mm

493      Austrilan fire Opal; triplet oval; 9x7mm

494      Austrilan fire Opal; triplet oval; 12x10mm

495      Austrilan fire Opal; triplet oval; 10x8mm

496      Austrilan fire Opal; triplet oval; 12x9mm

497      Austrilan fire Opal; tripletrd.; 5mm

500      Austrilan fire Opal; triplet rd.; 5mm

501      Austrilan fire Opal; triplet oval;8x6mm

502      Austrilan fire Opal; triplet oval; 9x7mm

503      Austrilan fire Opal; triplet oval; 9x7mm

504      Austrilan fire Opal; triplet oval; 9x7mm

505      Austrilan fire Opal; triplet oval; 11x9mm

506      Austrilan fire Opal; triplet oval; 10x9mm

507      Austrilan fire Opal; triplet oval; 12x10mm

508      Austrilan fire Opal; triplet oval; 12x10mm

509      Austrilan fire black Opal; triplet oval; 11x9mm

511      Austrilan fire Opal; triplet rd.; 13mm

512      blue sapphire; oval; crustine; 6x4mm

513      Yellow Sapphire; rd.; 4mm; 35ctw

516      Pink Sapphire; tear; 6x4mm; .50ctw

517      Pink Orange Sapphire; tear; .60ctw

518      Pink Orange Sapphire; oval;  5x4mm; .50ctw

520      Pink Orange Sapphire; 5.5x4mm; .55ctw

521      Blue Sapphire; tear; 5x4mm; .40ctw

522      Green Sapphire; oval; 5x4mm; .55ctw

524      Blue Sapphire; oval; 8x6mm; 1.20ctw

528      Blue Sapphire; oval; 5x4mm; .50ctw

529      Blue Sapphire; rd.; 4mm; .35ctw

536      Purple Spinel; rd.; 6mm; 1ctw

538      Red Spinel; min. 1ctw

539      Violet Spinel; rd.; 6mm; min. 1ctw

541      Blue Spinel; oval; 6x5mm; min. 1ctw

542      Purple Spinel; oval; 6x5mm; min. 1ctw

543      Blue Spinel; oval; 6x5mm; min. 1ctw

544      Purple Spinel; oval; 6x5mm; min. 1ctw

545      Pink Spinel; rd.; 5mm; min. 1ctw

546      Violet Spinel; oval; 5-5.5mm; min. 1ctw

548      Violet/Pink Spinel; oval; 5-6mm; min. 1ctw

549      Red Spinel; oval; 6x5mm; min. 1ctw

550      Red Spinel; rd.; min. 1ctw

552      Red Spinel; square 5x5mm; min. 1ctw

553      Purple Spinel; oval; 8x6mm; min. 1ctw

554      Violet Spinel; oval; 6x5mm; min. 1ctw

562      Kunzite square/cusio checker board; 2.15ctw

563      Tsavorite Garnet; trillion; 4mm; .30ctw

564      Tsavorite Garnet; trillion; 4mm; .20ctw

565      Chrome Diposide; oval; 7x5mm; .90ctw

567      Pink Tourmaline; tear; 7x5mm; .85ctw

569      Red Andersine Labradorite; rect./ cushion; 11x9mm; 3.50ctw

570      M/C Andersine Labradorite; trillion; 6x6mm; .65ctw

575      M/C Andersine Labradorite; trillion; .70ctw

576      Rubelite Tourmaline; oval; 7x5mm; .70ctw

577      Pink Tourmaline; cushion/sq.; 5x5mm; 1.95ctw

578      Red Rubillite Tourmaline; oval; 6x4mm; .50ctw

579      Rubillite Tourmaline; oval; 7x5mm; .80ctw

580      Rainbow Andersine Labradorite; rect./ cushion; 10x8mm; 1.75ctw

581      Pink Tourmaline; oval; 10x8mm; 1.45ctw

582      Rubillite Tourmaline; oval; 7x5mm; .75ctw

583      Pink Tourmaline; oval; 7x5mm; rect./ cushion; 7x5mm; .75ctw

584      Pink Tourmaline; oval; 7x5mm; .80ctw

586      Red Rubillite Tourmaline; rect./cushion; .70ctw

588      Red Rubillit Tourmaline; val; 7x5mm;.75ctw

589      Golden Tourmaline; oval; 7x5mm; .80ctw

591      Verdelite Tourmaline; oval; 7x5mm; .80ctw

593      Red Rubillite Tourmaline; oval; 1.45ctw

595      M/C Andersine Tourmaline; emerald; 8x6mm; 1.10ctw

596      Blue Sapphire; oval; 8x6mm; 1.60ctw

597      Russian Alexandrite; marquie; 6x3mm; .30ctw

598      Russian Alexandrite; sq.; 4x4mm; .25ctw

599      Russian Alexandrite; pear; 4x3mm; .25ctw

600      Russian Alexandrite; pear; 6x4mm; .50ctw

601      Russian Alexanderite; oval; 4x2mm; .35ctw

603      Spessertite Garnet; oval; 7x5mm; 1ctw

604      Spessertite Garnet; trillion; 7x7mm; 1.20ctw

608      Spessertite Garnet; rd.; 5mm; .80ctw

611      Spessertite Garnet; rd.; 5mm; .85ctw

615      Spessertite Garnet- rich red orange; rd.; 5mm; .80ctw

616      Spessertite Garnet-rich red orange; pear; 6x5mm; .70ctw

617      Spessertite Garnet- rich red orange; rd.; 5mm; .80ctw

618      Spessertite Garnet-rich red orange; oval; 1.15ctw

619      Spessertite Garnet-rich red orange; rd.; 5mm; .80ctw

620      Spessertite Garnet- rich red orange; pear; 6x5mm; 1ctw

623      Umbalite Garnet; oval; 9x7mm; 2.70ctw

624      Rhodolite Garnet; oval; 7x5mm; .95ctw

625      Rhodolite Garnet; oval; 7x5mm; 1.05ctw

626      Red Almandine Garnet; rd.; .80ctw

630      Russian Alexandrite; rd.; 3mm; .20ctw

631      Russian Alexandrite; rd.; 3mm; .15ctw

632      Pink Sapphire; oval; 4x3mm; .30ctw

640      Green Sapphire; oval; 4x3mm; .20ctw

641      Green Sapphire; oval; 3x3mm; .25ctw

642      Mystic Topaz Emerald; 10x8mm; 3.90ctw

643      Mystic Topaz Emerald; 10x8mm; 4.15ctw

644      Mystic Topaz Emerald; 10x8mm; 4.05ctw

645      Citrine; rd.; 7mm; 1.35ctw

646      Blue Green Sapphire; oval; 8x6mm; 1.60ctw

647      Sunstone India; oval; 7x5mm; min. .80ctw

648      Sunstone India; oval; 7x5mm; min. .80ctw

649      Kunzite; sq.; 9x9mm; 2.10ctw

650      Morganite; oval; 8x6mm; 1.85ctw

651      Austrilan fire Opal Cats Eye; triplet oval; 8x6mm

652      Moonstone Cats Eye; oval; 8x6mm

653      Russian Alexandrite Cats Eye; oval; 5x4mm

654      Dark Cats Eye; oval; 8x6mm

655      Dark Cats Eye; oval; 8x6mm

656      Russian Alexandrite Cats Eye; oval; 5x4mm; .35ctw

657      Russian Alexandrite Cats Eye; rd.; 5mm; .55ctw

658      Russian Alexandrite Cats Eye; oval; 5x4mm

659      Moonstone Cats Eye; oval; 10x8mm                                                   

660      Scapolite Cats Eye; oval; 10x8mm                                                       

661      Scapolite Cats Eye; oval; 10x8mm                                                       

662      Rutilated Quartz Cats Eye; rd.; 8mm                                                    

663      Rutilated Quartz Cats Eye; rd.; 8mm                                                    

664      A. black Opal; Triplet oval; 9x7mm                                                      

665      A. Opal; Triplet oval; 10x8mm                                                  

666      A. Opal; Triplet oval; 13mm                                                     

667      A. Opal; Triplet oval; 10x8mm                                                  

668      Moldavite; oval; 10x8mm; 1.68ctw                                                       

669      Moldavite; oval; 10x8mm; 1.45ctw                                                       

670      Moldavite; oval; 10x8mm; 1.30ctw                                                       

671      White Topaz; oval; 10x8mm; 2.40ctw                                                  

672      Chrome Diposide; oval; 7x5mm; .95ctw                                                          

673      Chrome Diposide; oval; 7x5mm; .75ctw                                                          

674      Mexican Opal; oval; 10x8mm; 2.40ctw                                                 

675      Mexican Opal; oval; 10x8mm; 1.70ctw

676      Mexican Opal; oval; 10x8mm; 1.85ctw

677      Imperal Zircon; rd.; 5mm; .60ctw

678      Red Andersine Labradorite; oval; 7x5mm; .85ctw

679      Swiss S.B. Topaz; rd.; 8mm; 1.50ctw

680      S.B. Topaz; oval; 10x8mm; 2ctw

681      S.B. Topaz; rd.; 7mm; 1.55ctw

682      Apptite; oval; 7x5mm; 1ctw

683      Apptite; trillion; 8mm; 1.45ctw

684      Apptite; rd.; 7mm; 1.50ctw

685      Brizlin Paraiba Chalcedony; 1.15ctw

686      Aquamarine; sq.; 7mm; .70ctw

687      Aquamarine Emerald; 8x6mm; .85ctw

688      Aquamarine Trillion; 7m; .75ctw

689      Aquamarine; Trillion; 8mm; .95ctw

690      Aquamarine; rd.; 6mm; .70ctw

691      Aquamarine; rd.; 6mm; .50ctw

692      Aquamarine; oval; 7x5mm; .70ctw

693      Aquamarine; oval; 7x5mm; .70ctw

694      Aquamarine; rd.; 5-6mm; .50ctw

695      Violet Spinel; oval; 7x5mm; min. 1ctw

696      Blue Spinel; oval; 7x5mm; min. 1ctw

697      Purple Spinel; oval; 7x5mm; min. 1ctw

698      Pink Spinel; oval; 7x5mm; min. 1ctw

699      Pink Spinel; oval; 7x5mm; min. 1ctw

700      Blue Spinel; oval; 7x5mm; min. 1ctw

701      Red Spinel; oval; 7x5mm; min. .55ctw

702      Red Spinel; oval; 7x5mm; min. 1ctw

703      Pink pinel; ov; 7x5mm; min. 1ctw

704      Blue Spinel; rd.; 6mm; min. 1ctw

705      Red Rutile Quartz (black box); tear; 16x12mm; 7.65ctw

706      Red Rutile Quartz Emerald; 12x10mm; 6.85ctw

707      Golden Rutile Quartz Emerald; 12x10mm; 5.05ctw

708      Golden Rutile Quartz Emerald; 12x10mm; 4.65ctw

709      Kunzite; trillion; 15x10mm; 8.50ctw

710      Tourmalinated Quartz; oval; 15x12mm; 7.75ctw

711      Smoky Quartz; oval; 23x13mm; 29.45ctw

712      Pyrite + in Quartz Emerald; buff; 14x10mm; min 5.65ctw

713      Pyrite + in Quartz Emerald; buff; 14x10mm; min 5.65ctw

714      Imperial Zircon; rd.; 5mm; .60ctw

715      Red Zircon; 6mm; min. 1.50ctw

716      Imperial Zircon; 5mm; min. .50ctw

718      M/C Andersine Labradorite; 5x7mm; .95ctw

719      M/C Andersine Labradorite Emerald; 7x5mm; .85ctw

720      Mexican Opal; oval; 10x8mm; 2.40ctw

721      Blue Spinel; oval; 7x5mm; min. 1ctw

722      Purple Spinel; oval; 7x5mm; min. 1ctw

723      Blue Spinel; rd.; 6mm; min. 1ctw

724      Purple Spinel; oval; 6x5mm; min. 1ctw

725      Pink Spinel; rd.; 5mm; .50ctw

726      Purple/Pink Spinel; oval; 6x5mm; min. 1ctw

727      Austrilan Fire Opal; triplets set; 12x8mm

728      London Blue Topaz Emerald; mix mm; 920ctw

729      Chrome Diposide; 6 ovals; 7x5mm; 3ctw

730      Chrome Diopside; tear; 4x5; rd.; 4mm; 1.75ctw

731      Chrome Diopside; oval; 7x5mm; .70ctw

732      Ruby; oval; 4 ea.; 7x5mm; 3.75ctw

733      White Zircon; oval; 4 ea. 7x5mm; 4.75ctw

734      London Blue Topaz; oval; 3 ea.; 7x5mm; 2.85ctw

735      London Blue Topaz; 2 ovals; 7x5mm; 1ctw

736      London Blue Topaz Emerald; 8x6mm; 2.10ctw

737      Spessartite Garnet; 2 ea.-pair; rd.; 5mm; min. 1ctw

738      Spessartite Garnet; 2 ea.-pair; rd.; 5mm; min. 1ctw

739      Mexican Opal mix; 11x8mm; 12x9mm; 10x8mm; 10x6mm; 8.75ctw

740      Ruitlated Quartz; trillion; 12x12mm; 5.10ctw

741      Sunstone; trillion; 9mm; 1.60ctw

742      Andulisite; oval; 7x5mm; .85ctw

743      Sunstone; oval; 7x5mm; .75ctw

744      Andulisite; oval; 7x5mm; .85ctw

745      London Blue Topaz; oval; 8x6mm; 1.60ctw

746      London Blue Topaz; oval; 9x7mm; 2.60ctw

747      London Blue Topaz; tear; 10x8mm; 2.60ctw

748      Chrome Diopside Emerald; 6x4mm; .65ctw

749      Kunzite Emerald; 20x16mm; 29.10ctw

750      Kunzite; tear; 18x12mm; 12.10ctw

751      Kunzite dark color; oval; 9x7mm; 3ctw

752      Kunzite Emerald; 20x14mm; 26.40ctw

753      Kunzite; oval; 12x8mm; 4.55ctw

754      Kunzite; heart; 8x8mm; 3.40ctw

755      Kunzite Parcel Emerald; princess

756      Kunzite; trillion; 15x13mm; 8.70ctw

757      Kunzite; trillion; 15x13mm; 12.50ctw

758      Kunzite; oval; 14x13mm; 11.50ctw

759      Kunzite; Marque; 15x10mm; 6.55ctw

760      Kunzite; rect.; 12x9mm; 5.20ctw

761      Kunzite; trillion; 13x10mm; 8.45ctw

762      Kunzite; tear; 14x10m; 6.45ctw

763      Kunzite; oval; 12x10mm; 6.75ctw

764      Kunzite; oval; 12x10mm; 7.70ctw

765      A. Black Opal triplet; black display case

            rd.12x10mm; 10x9mm; 8x6mm; 7x5mm; rd. 5mm


J38       Platinum over S/S Bella Lauce Diamond acc.ring, rd.; black spinel; S-6            

J54       Chrome Diopside w/ top acc.ring, S/S; 2.98ctw; S-8

J4         10k Rd. Emerald & Rd.Diamond Acc.ring; .45ctw; S-6

J37       Tanzanite Ring; S/S; 1.33ctw; S-7

J44       18k Sky Blue Topaz Ring; S/S; 7.00ctw; S-8

J35       Tanzanite Ring; S/S; 1.33ctw; S-7

J1         18k rd. Diamond acc. ring, flower design; S/S; S-7

J82       Prasiolite 11.15ctw /Blue Topaz .54ctw Ring; S/S; oval; S-6

J43       Prasiolite Ring; S/S; rd.; 4.00ctw; S-8

J83       18k Ruby/Diamond Acc. Ring; rd.; S/S; 1.04ctw; S-8

J91       Sky Blue Topaz Ring; S/S; rd.; 5.00ctw; S-7

J51       Emerald Prasiolite Ring; S/S; cu/rd.; 6.00ctw; S-7

J71       HS Prasiolite Ring; S/S; rd.; 5.80ctw; S-6

J56       18k Ruby/Diamond Acc. Ring; S/S; rd.; 1.30ctw; S-7

J15       10k Tanzanit Ring; oval; .65ctw; S-8


1          flower design ring; S/S

2          flower design ring; S/S

3          flower design ring; S/S

4          White Topaz; S/S

5          Citrine; S/S

6          Red Garnet; S/S

7          Amethyst; S/S

8          Peridot; S/S



1          Chrome Diopside Gold Drop Earrings

2          Tanzanite Earrings; S/S

3          Sapphire Gold Earrings

4          Red Andersine Labradorite Earrings; S/S

5          Yellow Labradorite Earrings

6          Mahaleo Ruby Earrings; f/f; S/S; 2ctw


J1         Yellow Labradorite oval pendant w/ yellow gold chain; 10x8mm; 2.45ctw

J2         Peridot Trillion pendant w/s chain; 8mm; 1.55ctw

J3         African Amethyst Gold pendant w/ chain; 14k; oval; 10x8mm

J4         Red Garnet Gold 14k pendant w/chain; oval; 2.50ctw

J5         Yellow Labradorite pendant; S/S; rect.; 10x8mm; 1.35ctw

J6         Austrilan Fire Opal pendant; oval; 10x8mm

J7         Mozanbique Garnet pendant w/ chain; oval;  8x6mm; 1.70ctw

J8         Amethyst pendant w/chain; trillion; S/S; 8x8mm; 1.60ctw

J9         Red Garnet pendant w/chain; S/S; 8x6mm; 1.60ctw

J10       Amethyst S/S pendant w/chain; oval; 14x10mm; 6.25ctw

J11       Lemon Quartz S/S pendant w/chain; oval; 12x10mm; 4.00ctw

J12       Peridot S/S pendant w/chain; S/S; 5x7mm; .75ctw

J13       Andersine Labradorite pendant; w/ chain 8x6mm; 2.00ctw

J14       Fine Spessartite Mandrin Orange Garnet pendant w/chain; rd.; 6mm; 1.40ctw

J15       Fine Spessartite Mandrin Orange Garnet pendant w/chain; rd.; 5mm; .85ctw

J16       Black Spinel S/S pendant w/chain; rd.; 12mm

J17       Andersine Labradorite pendant w/chain; rd.; 6mm; .80ctw

J18       Brazlin Paraiba Chalecdony S/S pendant w/chain; rd.; 8mm

J19       Brazlin Paraiba Chalecdony S/S pendant w/chain; rd.; 8mm

J20       Rhodolite Garnet S/S pendant w/chain; oval; 7x5mm; .80ctw


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Location: 2121 Nampa/Caldwell Blvd., Nampa, ID.

Directions:  From I-84 take exit 33a then go west on Blvd to sale site. Right behind Kmart. Watch for signs.



Cash, VISA, M/C, DISCOVER cards day of sale. 10% buyer’s premium. Concession on site.


 This is a complete liquidation of Black Horse Gemstones, the owner is retiring , having no need for this new inventory. There is over 1000 gem stones, plus new jeweler tools.  This is a wonderful collection, a must see!